On the edge of the world: Iceland's Westfjords

On the edge of the world: Iceland’s Westfjords

Iceland — the land of otherworldly vistas, air travel-disrupting volcanoes and polite, stylish Vikings — already feels remote. In Westfjords, a lonely peninsula that juts out like a thumb into the Denmark Strait toward Greenland, it seems even more so.

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Ghost town to eco-city?

Ghost town to eco-city?

In 1974 the Mediterranean island of Cyprus was divided in two. A coup backed by the Greek government was met with a Turkish military invasion, partitioning the country between the Turkish-Cypriot north and Greek-Cypriot south.

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World's best new skyscraper is ...

World’s best new skyscraper is …

London’s The Shard has taken top honors in the annual Skyscraper Award from Hamburg-based building and construction data company Emporis.

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Top 10 Places to Go This Summer

Top 10 Places to Go This Summer

When school’s out, work slows down, and the weather warms up in many parts of the world, it’s officially time to take a summer vacation. If you’re the busy type, a host of exciting happenings around the globe will keep “lazy days” to a minimum, whether you’re cheering on your favorite soccer team, reveling at […]

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China turns 'shabby' mines to eco-zone for Horticulture Expo

China turns ‘shabby’ mines to eco-zone for Horticulture Expo

Qingdao, famously known as the home of Tsingtao Beer and fine beaches, has found another way to attract tourists — plants. The coastal city on China’s eastern Shandong Province is hosting the 2014 International Horticultural Expo.

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Million-dollar booze vacation launched

Million-dollar booze vacation launched

Have you got $1.27 million, 40 days and a liver to spare? Would you say you have expensive tastes? Do you prefer a very large diamond in your martini rather than an olive? Then you might like to go on the “Ultimate Drink Connoisseurs’ Holiday.”

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Powerful flavor: Rio's incredible juice bars

Powerful flavor: Rio’s incredible juice bars

For the first-timer, a Rio sucos, or juice bar, is a little overwhelming. Piles of exotic fruits, many of which you’ve possibly never heard of, line glass cases, or are stacked reverently in displays that seem more like a shrine to a Balinese god than a commercial enterprise.

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The Most Confusing Cities

The Most Confusing Cities

Sometimes you just need to put your map away and get lost. Losing your way in an unfamiliar city is something we all fear, but it also can be the very best way to explore and discover things you would never have seen if you stuck to your guidebook. 

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Asia's best beer bars

Asia’s best beer bars

The craft beer revolution is dead. Microbrews are no longer a trend. They’re increasingly the norm, as more and more new microbreweries join the fray, increase brewing capacity and expand distribution to corners of the globe thirsty for something more than the local mass-produced lager.

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Do hotel star ratings mean anything anymore?

Do hotel star ratings mean anything anymore?

Plush romantic beach holiday? You go for a five-star place. Budget city crash pad?A two- or three-star joint. Simple, right? Not anymore.For many travelers, user-generated online reviews have become the go-to source for information when booking hotels.

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Where is the world's happiest place?

Where is the world’s happiest place?

Australia has been revealed as the world’s happiest industrialized nation, taking the title for the fourth year running. The so-called “lucky country” beat Norway and Sweden to take the top spot in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Better Life Index.

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World's 33 hottest new hotels

World’s 33 hottest new hotels

The gold — no, scratch that — platinum envelopes have been opened to reveal Condé Nast Traveler’s 18th annual “hot list,” highlighting what it says are the best hotels to debut in the past year.

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Africa's most luxurious safaris

Africa’s most luxurious safaris

African safaris have upped their game. We’re not talking about the “Big Five” beasts — lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo — that people pay top dollar to see. We’re talking about the accommodations.

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5 hotels for chocoholics

5 hotels for chocoholics

Easter is upon us and, like clockwork, hordes of brightly wrapped chocolate bunnies and eggs have begun their domination of supermarket aisles. While these sugar-filled options are sure to please the average eater, the true cocoa connoisseur might be left with a craving for something more. Something better.

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The World's Weirdest Hotels

The World’s Weirdest Hotels

When it comes to hotels, we at Condé Nast Traveler like them luxurious and beautiful. But sometimes, you just want something a little different. From hotels shaped like donuts to capsules jutting from the edge of a cliff, these are the world’s most weird and wonderful accommodations.

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