Gurus of new eating Part I.

Foods that protect us

Fish platter

Fish platter

We all know, that the basis of good health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is linked to our food. We know the best attitude in regards to food, is to eat less, but of a good quality, rather than larger quantities of cheaper quality food.  It is necessary to know the correct food to eat and then adapt it to our individual needs.

In the last 15 years different studies have confirmed the effect on our health as a result to all food we consume and showed around twenty nourishments which are crucial for our health. However food doesn’t have the magical power to heal. Nobody has ever been cured of stomach cancer having eaten large amounts of broccoli, nor rid of diabetes after consuming many kilograms of tomatoes.

Quality food consumed in the optimal amount is the most effective way to prevent all diseases and does not have side effects.

How is this argument proven? Many tissues of people who have died without any pathological reasons were examined and scientists found out that 30% of women over the age of 40 had a micro breast tumour, 40% of men were found to have micro prostate tumours and 98% of the population had increasing malign tumours in their thyroid gland.

The reason for this is that our body produces daily a million precancerous cells. Some food items contain anti­ tumorous substances which prevent the increase of micro tumours until their malignant stage. Plants for example the vegetables, which we consume, in their normal conditions are defending their existence from predators by biochemical war. They produce many thousands of phytochemical molecules, as for example; insecticides, fungicides or bactericides. By consuming these vegetables, our cells are using their anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemical, antioxidant, anti­ tumorogenous properties and other abilities.

New nutritive ideologies suggest to eat at least 5 vegetable and fruit species per day –according to their seasons and regions in which we stay. This is the amount that should be achieved by everybody. These nutrients are the basis for our health, but their preventive ability is not able to globalise. In the USA and Europe the modern population is obese, suffering from cardiovascular problems and diabetes, due to people eating the wrong way and consuming too many calories. Everybody should aim to eat less.  The Japanese say: “Eat until you are 80% full“. This means that they are able to leave the table earlier before they are full. By slow consummation not only can we enjoy the meal but we also chew better which doesn’t make it difficult for our stomach and digestion, so doesn’t result in us using our own energy. It is proven that our brain gets the information about being full in 20 minutes. That is the reason why it is good to take a small break during eating. It is also said that e.g. Japanese eat healthier also because they eat by chopsticks, so they eat their meal in smaller pieces and also take longer to eat their food.

Around 5 millions years of human existence our genes have learned how to use food reserves for times of starvation. The problem is that we consume an enormous amount of calories and in modern life we have less physical activities. 1.5 million of the worlds population is overweight due to consuming chemically treated foods. The food industry adds in foods; three cheap and unhealthy ingredients for better taste: fat, sugar and salt. All of the three particles have high addictive abilities. Very famous experiments with rats show higher addiction to sugar than to cocaine. Pure sugar is very rare in nature and the brain which needs sugar is able to recognise it immediately. The Food industry smartly uses this addiction same as the tobacco companies using the brain’s addiction to substances with high concentration of nicotine.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet

Homeostasis ( internal environment e.g. stable temperature, pH, concentration of ions etc.) is necessary for all organisms and is the basic concept of medicine. When this stability is disturbed, we get sick. E.x. consummation of larger amounts of sugar than is necessary is very dangerous. The consider is (mostly by children) fast wean from bitter tastes represented by vegetables, green tea, cale, cabbage etc. A little discussed cause of cancer is obesity as a second most important reason right after smoking.

Vegetables, fruit, green tea, curcuma (a plant with the strongest anti-inflammatory effect) onion, garlic are the basic foods which make an inappropriate environment for cancer cells. Strawberries, olive oil, legumes, cereals, cinnamon, black pepper and thyme helps in almost 90% of situations to prevent diabetes; mellitus II type (which is non-genetic). The following ingredients help boost our immune system; leek, shallots, garlic, onion, lemon, seaweed, Japanese shiitake, maitake.

To strengthen our bones we need calcium. Against the known theories that the largest or best source of calcium for an adult person is not milk but rather spinach, broccoli, avocado, kohlrabi, parsley, black radish and seaweed rich in protein and iron. To reduce LDL –which is bad cholesterol, on our plate fish should appear at least once per week such as; sardines, wild salmon, herring and mackerel. Walnuts, olive oil, garlic and onions and again a daily glass of red wine. To prevent breast cancer it is recommended to consume freshly groundflax seeds, turmeric, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, green tea especially and blueberries.

Needless to say, that 20mg of dark chocolate a day helps against stress five times more compared to green tea. It also protects our hearts as it lowers the blood pressure and the polyphenols contained in the chocolate dilates vessels.

A so called French paradox explained that although the French eat fatty food and large amounts of cheese, mortality caused by heart attack and brain infact are much lower than those caused by Americans or Englishmen. The reasons for this are smaller portions of food and so-called “Mediterranean diet” as when fattening food is served with fresh vegetables, olive oil and red wine (contained resveratrol reduces formation of thrombus and so decreases cause of brain or heart infarct) it influences the organism positively, in an adequate amount. It is scientifically proven that adequate consummation of red wine can stop the expansion of some kinds of cancer and formation of tumors of the thyroid gland, kidney and rectum and can be a reduced from 9% up to 30%.

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European fruits

It is necessary to distinguish that the consummation of alcohol increases colon cancer but red wine helps decrease it. Again we have to think about adequate amount of what an organism consumes. Researches show that 7 too 20 glasses of red wine per week has a good effect on the health of the brain and prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but consummation of  more than 28 glasses of red wine per week is increases the risk of getting Alzheimers disease or dementia.

Effect of food on the skin and the appearance of wrinkles is five times higher with consumption of butter, two times with consumption of milk products and refined white sugar, also called white poison. For prevention and protection for healthy skin consummation of green tea, fish oil, olive oil, pulses, yellow and red vegetables, artichokes, pomegranates and blueberries are important.

Many people cannot imagine the change of a life style and change of alimentation whilst they are feeling healthy. They probably don’t know how, what and where to consume. Fortunately there is many people around the world who positively influence our alimentation, they are gurus of modern age and help us to find secrets of articles of food and make good decisions about what we should  eat in the future. But more about that next time.



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