BarQue by K-studio

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The illuminated jars hang in front of walls patterned with square-cut wooden blocks, which were designed to resemble traditional butcher’s chopping boards.

BarQue by K-studio

A selection of mismatched chairs surround wooden tables, while stools line a grey tiled bar.

BarQue by K-studio

We’re featured quite a few restaurants recently where furniture is deliberately unmatching - click here to see one where no two items of furniture or crockery are the same.

BarQue by K-studio

Photography is by Vangelis Paterakis.

BarQue by K-studio

Here’s some more explanation from K-studio:


barQue sits on the corner of Harilao Trikoupi and Strofiliou in Nea Erythraia.

BarQue by K-studio

The cuisine revolves around barbequed meats. This was the starting point for our design and the branding concept.

BarQue by K-studio

Barbequing is a social activity, so the design opens up the kitchen and allows the choreography of the chefs to become part of the dining experience, with some diners even sitting along the kitchen worktop to eat.

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