Why were the wiretaps of ex-Prague mayor Pavel Bém released only now?

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© ČTK, Czech Position, Richard Cortés Roman Janoušek is shown to be the power behind the throne during Prague mayor Pavel Bém’s reign

The Czech daily Mladá fronta dnes (MfD) this week began publishing partial transcripts of recorded conversations from 2007 between controversial lobbyist Roman Janoušek and former Prague mayor Pavel Bém that confirm what many have long believed: it was Janoušek pulling the strings at Prague City Hall. The question is, why were the recordings released only now?

“Janoušek gave his blessings to officials (like in the Godfather films) as to what city properties could be sold and to whom,” the daily wrote. “And if the clerks did not agree, Janoušek ordered him to ‘close his eyes’ until the project finished according to his wishes.”

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