Prague culture in unexpected places

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Culture is not the first thing that springs to mind when gazing at the rows of grimy concrete apartment buildings that make up Prague’s Jižní Město (South City or Town in English). The largest housing estate in the Czech Republic seems more like a relic of the country’s communist past. Fortunately, there are people devoted to changing this negative perception and proving to locals that cultural stimulation doesn’t require a 30-minute metro ride to the city center.

“There’s this theory about Jižní Město that people only sleep here but ‘live’ somewhere else,” David Kašpar, manager of the non-profit organization Kulturní Jižní Město, told Czech Position.

Chodovská tvrz is an anomaly in this outlying area of Prague, a circular 13thcentury building among the pre-fabricated panel buildings. While it has been a cultural center since the 1980s, new management (including Kašpar) came to the site in 2007 with the notion of doing things much differently than before.

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