Italy, Cyprus, Romania risk EU sanctions over energy labels

| 28/02/2012 | 0 Comments

Italy, Cyprus and Romania will have to modify their legislation within two months or the European Commission may refer them to the European Court of Justice, said Marlene Holzner, Commission spokesperson on energy.

The three countries have not asked the Commission for help in implementing the latest Energy Labelling Directive, introduced in 2010, nor have they taken any measures to transpose the new legislation in their national framework.

Italy, for example, “simply has not transposed this at all, has not taken any action,” the Commission said.

The initial law, adopted in 2003, classified products using a system of grades from A to G, with A being the most energy-efficient.

The 2010 update introduced the higher classes A+,A++ and A+++, a decision motivated by the fact that the technological development of appliances had resulted in the majority of products already reaching class A.

The different grades are meant to help consumers make cost-saving decisions about the products they buy and encourage manufacturers to develop products with a high energy-efficient rating, the Commission said.

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